Tuesday, April 30th

Room 201
11:00 Cannabis Oral Presentation 1

Brown, Catherine
DeVillaer, Mike
Kilborn, Michelle
Rolph, Benjamin
13:45 Influencing cannabis policy-making: A public health approach

Kilborn, Michelle
16:00 Knowledge translation strategies for action – Let’s talk about the future of public health surveillance!

Choi, Bernard
Rasali, Drona
Room 202
10:45 Oral 1

Barberio, Amanda
Houser, Chantal
Nugent, Elizabeth
Palis, Heather
14:00 Oral 7

Gogna, Priyanka
Haworth-Brockman, Margaret
Monnin, Genevieve
Parry, Debra
Werry, Kate
16:00 CAIRE and PIPER: Leading research on the science, safety, effectiveness and feasibility of immunization in pregnancy in Canada

Castillo, Eliana
Crowcroft, Natasha
Fell, Deshayne
Sadarangani, Manish
Room 203
11:00 Cannabis Oral Presentation 2

Archambault, Judith
Berrigan, Emily
Corsi, Daniel
Dessureault, Marianne
O'Connor, Shawn
13:45 Cannabis education toolkit: Connecting research to practice in diverse settings

D'Alessio, Heather
Room 204
10:45 Oral 2

Colley, Rachel
Cooray, Savithri
French, Sue
Hetherington, Erin
14:00 Oral 8

Lang, Justin
Marshall-Catlin, Emma
Tjepkema, Michael
Zygmunt, Austin
16:00 Defining thresholds for indoor temperatures as a public health issue

Armstrong, Marianne
Donaldson, Shawn
Kenny, Glen
Room 205
10:45 Oral 3

Dasgupta, Tisha
Etowa, Josephine
Geldman, Jasmina
Tarasoff, Lesley
Van Lieshout, Ryan
14:00 Oral 9

Bowman, Drew
Domingo, Ashleigh
Taylor, Nathan
Turcotte, Mylène
Room 206
10:45 Oral 4

Greenwood, Margo
Lemchuk-Favel, Laurel
Milligan, Crystal
14:00 Oral 10

Dion, Anna
Kent, Alexandra
Traverso-Yepez, Martha
Room 208
14:00 Cultural safety training and anti-racism education within MPH programs

Greenwood, Margo
Room 209
10:45 Oral 5

Bhawra, Jasmin
Colley, Paige
Dawes, Marcia
14:00 Oral 11

Aleyan, Sarah
Deschênes, Catherine
Marchand, Kirsten
Mounzer, Layal Alessandra
16:00 Lessons learned from a large collaborative group

Frey, Marc
Room 210
10:45 Oral 6

Dupéré, Sophie
Fuller, Daniel
Mehrabi, Fereshteh
Ogunniyi, Cassandra
Wasfi, Rania
14:00 Oral 12

Houser, Natalie
Jardine, Cindy
16:00 Public health and climate change: from evidence to action

Doyle, Helen
Gardner, Charles
Hayes, Katie
Room 213
14:00 Play in the city: A public health perspective

Cowie, Heather
Frochlich, Katherine
16:00 Basic income: An idea whose time has come? An interactive workshop to build public health capacity

Mah, Catherine
Welsh, Frank
Room 215
10:45 Promoting healthy relationships for youth through comprehensive sexuality education: What does the evidence tell us?

Laverty, Erin
16:00 Approaches to evaluate coordinated community plans and initiatives to prevent and reduce opioid-related harms in Canada

Deyman, Megan