Wednesday, May 1st

Room 201
09:00 Cannabis Oral Presentation 3

Lake, Stephanie
Thiessen, Michelle
Valleriani, Jenna
11:00 Healthy Parks Oral Presentation 1

Carrr, Dawn
Daubenfeld, Charlene
Ranasinghe, Srimal
13:30 Cannabis use and aging Canadians: A public health dialogue

Porath, Amy
Room 202
10:45 Oral 13

Best, Indiana
Colley, Rachel
Eberl Kelly, Katherine
Hartley-Folz, Samantha
14:00 Engaging tenant leadership in strategies for achieving the right to healthy, affordable housing

Sánchez-Pimient, Carlos
Room 203
09:00 Cannabis Oral Presentation 4

MacDonald, Jo-Ann
Pilin, Maya
11:00 Healthy Parks Oral Presentation 2

Gardner, Charles
Odenigbo, Chúk
Plouganou, Maëlle
13:30 Cannabis and pregnancy

Seabrook, Jamie
15:30 The health impacts of excessive screen time on Canadian kids and ways families can unplug and explore in nature

Sturdy, Jill
Room 204
10:45 Oral 14

Gee, Stephanie
Green, Courtney R.
Sondagar, Chandni
14:00 Monitoring the sustainable development goals: Ensuring equity in the region of the Americas

Barbosa, Jarbas
15:45 The future of the microbiome in public health

Cook, Amy
Room 205
10:45 Oral 15

Naeem, Iffat
Riglea, Teodora
15:45 How to develop a submission to profile your public health innovation in policy or practice in the Canadian Journal of Public Health

Neudorf, Cory
Room 206
10:45 Oral 16

Noble, Shireen
Stich, Christine
Stich, Christine
Tam, Megan
14:00 Building a collaborative environment: Bridging disciplines of public health and planning

Cook, Jeff
Diallo, Thierno
Gardner, Charles
Ma, Lydia
Pantelimon, Olimpia
15:45 Recover: A social innovation approach for urban wellness and SDOH

Tang, Keren
Room 207
13:30 The Nature Playbook: Take action to connect a new generation of Canadians with nature

Carrr, Dawn
15:30 What does the future hold for cannabis research in Canada?

Jesseman, Rebecca
Room 208
10:45 Social and cultural drivers of antibiotic use

Leis, Jerome
Lorcy, Armelle
Tam, Theresa
Room 209
10:45 Oral 17

Kaur, Sharanjeet
Moloughney, Brent
Pieczyrak, Nicole
Read, Kristin
Room 210
10:45 Oral 18

Ahun, Marilyn N.
Al-Hamdani, Mohammed
Hart, Ezra
14:00 Engaging students and young professionals: What can public health organizations do?

Parikh, Manasi
Room 213
10:45 Oral 19

Combden, Shianne
Enuaraq, Sipporah
Smith, Jessica
Taylor, Michael
15:45 Become a data explorer - Understanding canadian substance use costs and harms using data visualization

Fairbank, Jill
Room 215
14:00 Tackling inequities in health care: The HEIA tool

Ashraf, Aamna
Room Canada Hall 1
08:45 Integrating Indigenous Knowledge and Values into Established Public Health Programs

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