Thursday, May 2nd

Room 201
09:00 Healthy Parks Oral Presentation 3

Jakubec, Sonya
Lemelin, Harvey
13:30 Providing optimal environments for children’s unstructured play in parks

Bauer, Michelle
Welsh, Frank
Room 202
10:45 Oral 22

Govers, Peggy
Qadar, Sheikh Muhammad Zeeshan
Urbanek, Anna
13:00 Responding to climate change as a public health professional

Perrotta, Kim
Room 203
09:00 Healthy Parks Oral Presentation 4

Beaudoin, Mélanie
Room 204
10:45 Oral 20

Diallo, Thierno
Ogunniyi, Cassandra
Plante, Charles
Smith, Maxwell
13:00 Aligning two worlds: What can AMR surveillance do for public health?

Arthur, Jacqueline
Brooks, James
Wierzbowski, Aleksandra
Room 205
10:45 Oral 21

Graham, Brittany
Schmidt, Rose
Sharma, Richa
Taha, Sheena
Williams, Sierra
13:00 Analytical innovation in public health evidence and practice: Integrating sex, gender, key identity factors and social determinants of health

Ortiz, Roberto
Sarang, Aseefa
Room 206
10:45 Transforming public health knowledge into action for First Nations

Fournier, Jasmine
Healy, Bonnie
Room 207
11:00 From research to real life: Doctors, scientists and educators talk green time health benefits and engagement strategies

Day, Andrew
Lem, Melissa
Svreck, Clark
15:30 Health Parks, Healthy People: Where do we go from here?

Room 208
10:45 Debunking "race": Contextualizing racial health inequalities

Ndumbe-Eyoh, Sume
Room 209
10:45 Oral 23

Chauvin, James
Choi, Bernard
Howarth, Claire
13:30 Cheers and fears of vaping e-cigarettes: Cutting-edge research, policy and practice

Schwartz, Robert
Room 210
10:45 Oral 24

Cooper, Elizabeth
Enns, Jennifer
Laxer, Rachel
Sánchez-Pimient, Carlos
13:00 Vaccination in pregnancy: To vaccinate or not… that is the question!

Cook, Jocelynn
Green, Courtney R.
Poliquin, Vanessa
van Schalkwyk, Julie
Room 213
10:45 Oral 25

Baker, Melissa
Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn
Hartley-Folz, Samantha
Leikin, Ben
Orpana, Heather
13:00 Measuring health inequalities: Applying a toolkit developed by the Canadian Institute for Health Information

Beck, Kinsey
Room 215
10:45 Public health and health system renewal

Culbert, Ian
13:00 Tailored to fit: Making adaptations to evidence-based public health programs

Moore, Julia
Room Canada Hall 1
09:00 How population health is getting personal with sex and gender

Department, Conference
14:30 Building social connections for health and happiness

Department, Conference